"Tartan is Scotland's international calling-card"- Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland


As a country which prides itself on its istorical influence on so many other cultures, and which strives to promote its internationalism, Scotland has an unique opportunity to use tartan for a greater good. 


So, by using the colours in the flag of a country International Tartans and its sister company Tartans for Africa, have created an unique range of national tartans which provides citizens of these countries with a distinct inter-tribal, international identity. These tartans are not only distinct and unique, but flexible in their application. They can be woven in wool, cotton, silk, or printed inter alia on fabrics, paper, and ceramics, making them suitable for fashion-wear, accessories, stationary and a host of gift products.



“A true tradition is not the witness of a remote past; it is a living force that enlivens and nourishes the present.” Igor Stravinsky



Although its true origin is uncertain, tartan is a form of cloth associated with Scotland, and is universally recognised as such. Arguably the most identifiable fabric in the world, in the form of the ‘kilt’, it has come to be seen as Scotland’s national costume. It should, however, never be considered exclusive to Scots or people of Scottish descent, but a universal material that can and should be worn in any form, for whatever occasion, and by anyone who finds it attractive. Tartan, and the pleasure that people get from wearing it or associating with it, is Scotland’s gift to the world.


Many organisations use one of our tartans as a means of generating income by acting as a wholesaler on behalf of their members, and many charities raise funds for ‘good causes’ in a similar way to support their projects worldwide. Our tartans have helped schoolchildren from all over Scotland to raise funds for their ‘twinning’ projects. We believe that tartan can not only benefit those who produce the raw materials, weave the cloth or manufacture the finished products, but, in this ‘shared’ way help to provide a sustainable legacy for those in greatest need. This is something we actively promote, so please don’t hesitate to ask for information. We also enjoy designing new tartans and are happy to accept commissions.

We have sold kilts, trews, trousers, skirts and a host of accessories to customers in over 30 countries worldwide. We've supplied stunning original designs for numerous fashion shows and weddings.  

We supply Caledonian Societies, Scottish Country Dance groups and pipe bands in every continent, a priest in France who takes mass in an Auld Alliance tartan stole, retired Norwegian senior army officers golfing with Norwegian Cenntenial tartan golf clubs covers, fotball fans in England, a boy scout troop and souvenirs shops in remote parts of Africa.