Welcome to Tartan Tees


Welcome to Tartan Tees, a new trading arm of International Tartans which brings together the three things we love most: the international appeal of tartan, helping good causes and unique product offerings.


We have tartans for countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe as well as official sport tartans for football, golf and tennis as well as states of America and lots more!  What better way to show them off and support your country, area or interest than with a tee shirt?


The good bit!


International Tartans has operated a sharing initiative through its Tartan for Africa division for some time – we call it the ‘ten per cent’ solution though really it is not a solution but a move towards solving exploitation, child labour and poverty through the encouragement of fair and ethical business practices by everyone.  Our solution is to donate ten per cent of our proceeds to relevant good causes for every Tartan Tee that we sell.  So £2 of every £20 tee shirt sold is contributing to making the world a better and fairer place.  We know we won’t solve all the world’s problems by selling tee shirts but as a wise Chinese philosopher memorably said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao-tzu, 604-531 BC).


The unique products!


The tee shirt which started us down this road celebrates Scotland’s status as only the second country in the world to attain Fair Trade nation status.  We produced them for Edinburgh’s first Fair Trade Fiesta, held on World Fair Trade Day on May 10 2014.  














The tee shirts come in two designs: Heart and Globe.  The tee shirts are manufactured to certified fair trading and ethical standards and our Tartan Tees are all produced in Edinburgh.


The ten per cent  solution for our Fair Trade tee will support the 2015 Fair Trade Fiesta, a fabulous FREE parade and concert in Scotland’s capital city celebrating Fair Trade production internationally, world music and Scotland’s commitment to fair trading.  


The World Cup 2014 range



Using our ‘national’ tartan designs for countries competing in this year’s World Cup, we present a unique ‘Brazil 2014’ range of tee shirts.  You can support your national team and show your support for a great cause: Homeless World Cup (www.homelessworldcup.org).  The first Homeless World Cup took place in Austria in 2003, this year’s event in Chile sees 250,000 players from over 70 countries take part – but it isn’t just about the tournament.  Year round grass roots football programmes and social enterprise development make a huge positive difference to the lives of homeless people around the world.











Tartan ‘Teeser’:


Our first Brazil 2014 tee shirt (watch out for a new one every day!) is of course the Brazil tee!  Host of the World Cup and surely one of the greatest footballing nations in the world, we celebrate with Brazil’s tartan tee, available in Heart and Globe designs.








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